Personal research topics

Discrete and computational geometry for image analysis

Computer vision and video-surveillance

Supervised research topics

Image segmentation

  • Interactive and model-based segmentation in medical context [Bianchi-MIUA-2013] [Vacavant-CRC-2015] and for natural images [Cerutti-ISVC-2011]

  • Left: Myocardium segmentation with corrections by a coupled B-splines model. Right: Segmentation of tree leaves in complex natural environments.


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PhD students and post-docs

PhD students

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Former PhD students

Hamidreza Odabai Fard (with Thierry Chateau, LASMEA, Mohamed Chaouch, CEA and Quoc Pham, CEA): CEA PhD, «Classification multi-classes d'objets en environnement urbain», Oct. 2011 - Nov. 2015
Associated publications: [Fard-ORASIS-2013][Fard-VISAPP-2014][Fard-WACV-2014]
Kévin Bianchi (with Laurent Sarry, ISIT and Pierre Tervé, Keosys): CIFRE convention, «Visualisation et segmentation interactives d'images médicales 3D+t», Oct. 2011 - Dec. 2014
Associated publications: [Vacavant-SPRINGER-2015][Bianchi-RITS-2013][Bianchi-MIUA-2013]
Guillaume Cerutti (with Laure Tougne, LIRIS and Didier Coquin, LISTIC): ReVeS project, «Analyse d'images et fusion de données pour la reconnaissance de végétaux sur smartphones», Oct. 2010 - Nov. 2013
Associated publications: [Cerutti-PRL-2014][Cerutti-CVIU-2013][Cerutti-CLEF-2011][Cerutti-ISVC-2011][Cerutti-CLEF-2012][Cerutti-VISAPP-2013][Cerutti-ICIP-2013][Cerutti-CLEF-2013]


Marie-Ange Lebre (with Manuel Grand-Brochier, ISIT): Région Auvergne Nouveau recruté project, «Segmentation et visualisation interactives du foie et de ses composants au sein d'images de contraste», 2016-2018.

Former post-doc

Manuel Grand-Brochier: ReVeS project, «Evaluation d'algorithmes de segmentations appliqués pour la reconnaissance de feuilles d'arbres sur mobile», 2012-2013.
Associated publications: [GrandBrochier-TIP-2015][GrandBrochier-ICVS-2013][GrandBrochier-VISAPP-2014]

Current involvements


The NETDELIVER European network (Network on numerical modeling and simulation of anticancer drug delivery in liver) aims at developing a novel digital and physiological model of the liver perfusion, capable of simulating by a computer the injection of a drug within the liver and its impact upon healthy tissues and hepatic lesions.
Web site of the project

Nouveau recruté Région Auvergne (Coord.)

In the project «Détection et visualisation interactives des tumeurs du foie dans les séquences de contraste pour l'aide au diagnostic et au traitement», we are developing new image processing and visualization tools for the diagnosis and the treatment of liver lesions.


Development project DGtal (Digital Geometry Tools and Algorithms). DGtal is a generic library (under construction) for digital geometry programming.
Web site of the project

Past projects

MARIA (Coord.)

MARIA (Multi-scale Approaches for Robust medical Image Analysis) is a joint PHC/WTZ project between ISIT and PRIP labs. In this project, we would like to study novel multi-scale approaches to solve open problems in the analysis of contrast-enhanced medical image sequences.
Private web site of the project


ANR TECSAN 3DStrain (Quantification multimodale et validation de la fonction myocardique régionale 3D). The goal of this project is to develop a generic formalism for the tracking of the left ventricle, and to adapt it to classic modalities, used in clinical routines (3D ultrasound, CMR, etc.).
Web site of the project


ANR CONTINT project ReVeS (Reconnaissance de Végétaux pour des interfaces Smartphones). We work on the development of image descriptors and classification algorithms adaptable for mobile leaf/flower recognition softwares (on iPhones, etc.).
Web site of the project