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ALCoV is a research group with scientists in computer vision and geometric imaging, gynecologic surgeons and radiologists. ALCoV's main research goal is to devise and implement computer-aided gynecologic laparosurgery using the paradigm of Augmented Reality. More precisely, ALCoV’s goal is to import preoperative radiological image data such as MRI and US directly to the intra-operative laparoscopic video stream. This is expected to reduce general trauma by making surgery shorter and safer, and tumor resection more accurate.

Recent news

4 years 36 weeks ago
The aim of this workshop is to present the advances on fundamental and applied 3D computer vision in honor of Richard I. Hartley within the « Chaire d’excellence » scheme funded by Région Auvergne.
6 years 15 weeks ago
Journée thématique sur l’action « structure à partir du mouvement » (thème B2 du GdR ISIS)
6 years 22 weeks ago
Some members of ALCoV are part of the NORDIA'11 Program Committee.

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