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Yan Gérard

Yan Gérard

Yan Gérard était membre d'ISIT.




I'm professor assistant at ISIT from Auvergne University.I work mainly in the field of Digital Geometry since quite a long time now (I had my PhD in 2000) but I'm interested in many areas that arise around this topic. The specific domains where I think to have some original ideas are Discrete and Geometric Tomography, Computational Geometry, Word Combinatorics, Linear Programming.... and since a short time, Computer Vision.I have an open mind vision of research. Being an expert of a very precise domain does not provide me a lot of satisfaction, thus I prefer to keep an inquiring mind. I'm interested in any topic related with geometry. The Idea of ISIT and in ma case of ALCoV is to use our knowledge of geometry to developp an Augmented Reality project for Laparoscopic T Surgery. I'm involved in the pre-processing step. Our goal is to compute a 3D scene of the pelvis of the patient from the MRI images.