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2nd Tutorial on Computer Vision in a Non-rigid World

Adrien Bartoli is co-organizer of the 2nd Tutorial on Computer Vision in a Non-rigid World.

Description: the tutorial presents modern computer vision techniques to deal with the registration and 3D reconstruction of deformable shapes using images. The aim of this 2-day course is to present a principled procedure for dealing with images where each object can arbitrarily change its shape — a common occurrence in human motion analysis, medical imaging and video-surveillance scenarios. The tutorial will discuss a set of techniques general in their formulation but that can be customized given the specific imaging problem of the user. In particular, an emphasis is put over the use of physical or statistical priors which can aid the solution of such an ill-posed problem. Real examples on the human motion analysis and medical imaging domains will show the effectiveness of the approaches in dealing with different deforming shapes.