Université d'Auvergne Clermont1 | CNRS


PhD Defense of Julien Dehos

02/12/2010 09:30

Title: Radiometric analysis of a low-cost immersive projection system for mixed reality applications

Abstract:  The Catopsys system is a projector-mirror-camera system which can be set in any room. It is an affordable way (unexpensive, easy to install and easy to use) to perform various kinds of immersive mixed reality applications. The aim of this thesis is to study and optimize the radiometric process established through such a system. First of all, radiometric perturbations of the camera are studied, then a corretion method, which can be implemented in the Catopsys system, is described. This enables the system to capture, quite faithfully, the real environment and to estimate the pertubations caused by the projector or the room. The behaviour of the projector and the repercussion of using the room as a projection screen are then studied. A radiometric compensation method of the projection is proposed. This method makes the displayed image be more similar to the desired one. After a geometric study of the Catopsys system, specific rendering methods, based on ray tracing, are proposed. Finally, the features provided by the system to perform mixed reality applications, as well as their integration to the system workfl ow are detailled. Work done during this thesis permitted us to collaborate to the conception of the Catopsys system, to evaluate the feasibility of some features and to implement some of them.

Location: incubateur d'entreprises Jean Claret, La Pardieu, Clermont-Ferrand.