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Visual Mapping for Humanoid Robots and Personal Navigation

22/03/2012 14:00
22/03/2012 15:00
Pablo Fernandez Alcantarilla
Mapping, Dynamic Environments
ALCOV-ISIT, Small Amphi, 3C building, CHU



Nowadays, 3D applications have recently become a more and more popular topic in robotics, computer vision or augmented reality. By means of cameras and computer vision techniques, it is possible to obtain accurate 3D models of large-scale environments such as cities. Vision-based localization in a prior 3D map and Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) are two techniques of great interest. Robots need to perform tasks in the environment autonomously, and for this purpose, is very important to know precisely the location of the robot in the map. In the same way, providing accurate information about the location and spatial orientation of the user in a large-scale environment can be of benefit for those who suffer from visual impairment problems. In this talk, I will describe my research towards efficient visual SLAM and vision-based localization algorithms applied to humanoid robots and visually impaired people. In addition, I will show my latest results on visual SLAM in highly dynamic environments.


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