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Towards perceptual quality assessment of static and dynamic meshes

25/06/2014 11:00
25/06/2014 12:00
Fakhri Torkhani
mesh processing, shape evaluation
ISIT, bâtiment 3C

Nowadays, 3-D triangular meshes are increasingly used in modern multimedia devices and services. In many applications, it is possible that meshes surfaces undergo some lossy operations which can impair the visual quality. To ensure an acceptable delivered quality of service, perceptual quality of 3-D static and dynamic meshes should be properly evaluated and controlled. In this presentation, we will propose new objective metrics able to faithfully evaluate the perceptual quality of 3-D meshes. The performances of our objective metrics are evaluated using experimental studies carried out to collect subjective human opinion scores of distorted meshes. Finally, we will present few applications to show the potential practical use of the proposed metrics.