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Easy and Fast Capture of Fingerprints on Crime Scenes: A feasibility study

18/01/2013 14:30
18/01/2013 14:30
Saleh Mosaddegh (Greyc, ENSICAEN)
ISIT, bâtiment 3C


The analysis of fingerprints plays a major role for the police and justice agents, e.g. to establish the proof of a crime. Latent fingerprints can be invisible but are revealed by a monochromatic powder applied with a pencil. Then they are lifted using an adhesive tape, to be analyzed and identified once back in the lab. Several drawbacks are inherent to this manual method including the involuntary deterioration of the fingerprint, the heavy, time-consuming and costly procedure of gathering and analyzing a large amount of fingerprints and finally the fact that gathering the fingerprint removes it from its support, which can deprive the police of potential supplementary elements of proof. In this talk, we present an automatic photographic acquisition system to capture images of fingerprints, from the physical acquisition device to the software that automatically yields a 3D reconstruction of the fingerprint, i.e. the fingerprint and the surface on which the print is laid. The proposed technological solution is innovative, as it relies on only a single captured color image of the scene, on which structured light is projected and it also use the same image to recover the texture of the scene by removing the pattern. Thus, the acquisition system is portable and as easy to use as a standard camera.