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Chafik Samir

Chafik Samir

Chafik Samir was an ISIT member.





  • My research interests: Shape analysis, surface deformation, shape registration, spline on manifolds, etc.
  • My research interests focus on analysing shapes as elements of a smooth manifold. In a recent work we show how one can find an optimal representation of a curve lying on a manifold that strikes a balance between data fitting and smoothness. We take advantage from a general formulation of splines on general manifolds (along with a proper definition of fitting and smoothness on manifolds). To show the efficiency of our work we have investigated the Euclidean case. This helped us to understand how the vector space structure simplifies the whole process of formalizing and solving the problem. Later on, we used these observations to establish a list of tools we should have on manifolds to adequately generalize some of the more fundamental concepts. 
  • We are now working to apply the idea on real data including medical imaging and surface deformations. 
  • For more information please contact me by email.