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CATOPSYS (CATadiOptric Projection SYStems for virtual and mixed reality)

ANR-funded 45 monthes project on affordable self-calibrating panoramic projection systems for virtual reality (December 2006 to August 2010) - completed project

Overall project's funding: 530 k€

Partner's funding: 203 k€


  • University of Auvergne (coordination)

  • University of the Littoral Opal Coast (LIL) -- Christophe Renaud, François Rousselle

  • University Pierre and Marie Curie (ISIR) -- Ryad Benosman, Sio-Hoï Ieng



CatopsysCatopsys is an affordable solution for virtual reality achieving a good compromise between cost, immersion and bulk. Sensations in
terms of immersion are roughly the same as expensive CAVE-like systems. This total immersion system opens the way to many professional and mass market applications in spaces ranging from 10 to 50 square meters in area. It is designed for small groups of users, attendees or consumers.

The size of the system remains small because no specific screen is required: it can work in non dedicated spaces thanks to an innovative self-calibration process which takes into account distortions coming from the geometry of the projection room. Radiometric properties of materials used as screens are also compensated to a certain extent.