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Adrien Bartoli

Adrien Bartoli




Adrien Bartoli has been a full Professor of Computer Science at Université d’Auvergne since fall 2009. He is currently leading the ALCoV (Advanced Laparoscopy and Computer Vision) research group jointly with Prof. Michel Canis. Previously, he was a permanent CNRS research scientist at LASMEA since fall 2004 where he led ComSee, the Computer Vision research group, together with Thierry Chateau. He was a Visiting Professor in DIKU at the University of Copenhagen between 2006-2009 and a postdoctoral researcher in the Visual Geometry Group at the University of Oxford under Prof. Andrew Zisserman in 2004. Adrien Bartoli obtained his Habilitation Degree (HDR) from Université Blaise Pascal in June 2008. He completed his PhD in the Perception group at INRIA Grenoble under Prof. Peter Sturm and Prof. Radu Horaud. Adrien Bartoli has received several awards including the 2008 national CNRS médaille de bronze, the 2004 Grenoble-INP PhD thesis prize and the 2007 best student paper award at CORESA jointly with his student Vincent Gay-Bellile and colleague Patrick Sayd. He received an outstanding reviewer award at ECCV’08 and CVPR’10.

Adrien Bartoli’s main research interests include image registration and Shape-from-X for rigid and non-rigid scenarios, and machine learning within the field of theoretical and medical Computer Vision. He has published approximately 100 scientific papers and has been on the program committees for top-ranking conferences in the field. He has had roles in the organization of international events, including, General co-Chair for the workshops DEFORM (BMVC’06) and NORDIA (CVPR’08) and the 3DPVT’10 conference. He participated in the organization of tutorials at ISMAR’07 and IROS’08 and was Publication Chair for 3DPVT’08. 

Please visit my personal home page for more details: isit.u-clermont1.fr/~ab