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Segmentation interactive d'images cardiaques dynamiques (9 décembre, 14H, rdc 3C)
Cooperation between segmentation and motion for joint estimation of wall and myocardium deformations (December, 8th, 2:00pm, 3C ground floor)
C. Botella, T. Stefani, JL. Kemeny, T. Khalil, B. Irthum, B. Jean (2014) Intérêt de l’imagerie en tenseur de diffusion et séquence de perfusion dans l’évaluation du degré d’infiltration tumorale de la substance blanche des tumeurs cérébrales de haut grade. Clermont-Ferrand. - Congrès annuel de la Société Française de Neurochirurgie (May 21-24, 2014, Clermont-Ferrand, France)
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The ISIT lab (UMR 6284 UdA – CNRS) focuses its research on interventional techniques applied to three principal fields: cardio-vascular specialties, endoscopic surgery and clinical neurosciences and connectomics. Innovative medical imaging modalities are implemented within practical clinical protocols to assist the interventional procedure, either during the planning, the guidance itself, or the postoperative control. Besides acknowledged skills in clinical research, the ISIT lab has available resources in image science envisaged from the point of view of artificial vision, virtual and augmented reality, discrete and physical models for image processing. Validation and transition to clinical medicine benefit from the nearness of experimental training centers like the International Center for Endoscopic Surgery (CICE) and the Experimental Catheterization Lab (CathLab). This environment is likely to promote the developed methods among the major companies of the field.

ISIT was created by merging ERIM (EA 3295), LAIC (EA 2146) and Fertilité humaine: environnement séminal, endométrial, péritonéal et spermatozoïdes (EA 975).

Head of ISIT: Jean-Yves Boire 


Advanced Laparoscopy with Computer Vision

Cardio-Vascular Interventional Therapy and Imaging

Image-Guided Clinical Neuroscience and Connectomics

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